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    For those who want to join the Russian Clan Jade Falcon (RJF).

    Welcome, guest of our communication center!

    Russian Clan Jade Falcon was founded in 1995-1996. Since the foundation, we have fought and destroyed enemies in Mechwarrior 2/3/4, in Megamek, in tabletop Battletech. Our Clan took part in international projects, events, and other leagues. The Russian Jade Falcon Clan unites warriors from different cities and countries.

    Nowadays, all generations of Clan warriors have gathered in MechwarriorOnline to bring good and justice to the Inner Sphere. We have a huge experience, a wonderful friendly team, and of course new sibs and future Clan warriors create an atmosphere for great achievements and knowledge of the vast universe of Battletech. Our team actively participates in in-game events, leagues and tournaments based on MWO. We are one of the strongest teams in the community and are committed to maintaining a high level of play for our warriors.

    We welcome everyone who wants to try their hand at the Path of a Clan warrior into our ranks. At the same time, we strictly monitor the compliance of those who join us with the high levels of dignity and skills of the Clan warriors. When someone talks about us you can hear the phrase "Lore Clan" (lore - traditional knowledge and stories about a subject). This means that in all matters related to our activities in the Clan, we rely on the history and rules of the BattleTech universe and the Jade Falcon Clan in this universe. In the game, Lore implies the totality of the history of the universe, its traditions and rules. Lore Clan implies that the people in it are not just united by the game, but also have the necessary knowledge to navigate the game universe.

    Everything that happens inside the Lore Clan must correspond to the spirit and meaning of the BattleTech universe. Our decisions, ranging from strategic ones, such as forming alliances and game associations, to tactical ones on the battlefield, must be consistent with the spirit and meaning of the Jade Falcon Clan in the BattleTech universe.

    Each player within the Clan plays a role assigned to him according to the position and titles accepted in the Jade Falcon Clan. Your rights and your duties in the Clan will be determined by the built-up internal scheme of subordination of the corresponding game universe. In the course of your development in the Clan, you will get the opportunity to increase your rank, participate in tactical and strategic decisions, and develop in accordance with your skills.

    All the knowledge we use (Lore) we draw from various literary sources - fiction, various manuals (instructions) on the Battletech universe, which today there are more than a hundred printed publications. During your training, we will tell you which sections you should pay attention to first, provide access to an internal knowledge base containing materials prepared for quick mastering of the basics.

    Since the Clan warriors were distinguished by excellent training and personal skills, we will also contribute in every possible way to the development of your skills in game projects. The very history of our Clan motivates us to be the best and in the process of preparation, we will do everything possible to help you achieve success in the game. From those who want to become a Clan warrior, we, in return, require purposefulness in terms of developing game skills and participating in the learning process. When joining from an RJF member, you will be required to:
    • Commit to compliance with the chain of command, rules, and consent to be included in the interaction scheme based on the laws of the Jade Falcon Clan in the Battletech universe.
    • Visit the forum and participate in the inner life of the Clan.
    • Participation in the role-playing component.
    • Participation in team games in MWO, MegaMek, etc.
    • Within the clan, the Jade Falcon Clan symbolism must be used, any other symbolism is prohibited.

    In case you are ready to try your hand at the Path of the Clan it is necessary to:
    1. submit an application in this section.
      We would you to tell us what experience you have in the Battletech universe, if any. Why you wish to join the Jade Falcons and what aspect of the Battletech universe are the closest to you (tabletop, online, etc.).
      Basic information (name, age, timezone and your prime-time, etc.)
      MWO experience (playing since, former units, number of mechs, etc.)
      You can add any information that you think is useful, like your Discord or social net contacts.
    2. connect to our Team Speak server (, our officers will instruct you on further action (download TS).

    After communication and several joint events, you will get a general idea of our unit, and the officers will decide on the fate of your application.
    “I will forget you said that, Star Colonel. It is survival of the fittest.”
    “Seyla,” he whispered.

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