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    If you want to join RJF

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    Greetings. This thread is made to provide some information for players willing to join RJF. First of all, we don't mind English-speaking players in our unit, but the primary language is Russian. It doesn't mean no one will understand you, but the communication will be difficult as approximately 3/4 of our players don't know English or know a few phrases. Nobody expects you going on a Russian learning courses, but keep in mind that only several people will be able to play with you in English. Secondly, RJF is a lore-based unit, which means we are following the background of Battletech universe and Jade Falcon Clan in particular, such as ranks, subordination, laws, etc.; You have to pass through our training and the Trial of Position to become a warrior. It will take from three to six months, depending on your skills, up to a maximum period of one year. At the same time, RJF is a competitive unit and we keep a high skill level among our players, regardless of whether they participate in the actual competitive games or not. The training is taken seriously and we expect our players to develop their skills, so RJF isn't a place for playing drunk on a shitty builds with less than 100 damage in a drop. Finally, with all this information, I suggest you to think twice about your joining and determine what do you want from the unit. We are not taking steps to make being in RJF easier for English-speakers yet, because their number is relatively low, but if you are interested in this, we will definitely help you and who knows, maybe RJF might have another trinary of players from all around the globe.
    Feel free to ask your questions.

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