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    Хорошие новости из будущего

    [15 Aug] Most of Kell Hounds regiment annihilated by Jade Falcons on Timkovichi.

    [29 Dec] Nova Cats lose massive battle on Irece. Khan Jacali Nostra and a large number of warriors killed.

    [15 Jul] Jade Falcons invade Tharkad.

    Какой бальзам!

    Of the military forces of the Nova Cats, there is little to say. None of them survived. The regiments
    of the DCMS were ruthless in tracking down every last Star and Point and showing no mercy to the
    defeated warriors. The sole cluster that managed to escape the Combine’s retribution made the mistake
    of crossing the border into the Rasalhague Dominion.
    Hailing the garrison at Rubigen, Star Colonel Yusuf Rosse requested asylum for his demoralized and
    exhausted warriors. Rather than answer them, the Bears mercilessly destroyed the incoming DropShips,
    and followed that up by seizing the Cats’ JumpShip and spacing the crew.

    Прямо "Куда приводят мечты". Курить надо было меньше!

    The Nova Cat civilians fared a little better than the warriors. At least they got to keep their lives.
    With no one to protect them, the civilian castes were rounded up and subjected to forced sterilization
    before being scattered across the Combine as members of the Unproductive class. Many committed
    suicide rather than face such a fate. Men, women, and children alike suffered at the hands of
    the DCMS and the people of the Combine—to their eternal shame—permitted and even encouraged it.

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    Of the military forces of the Nova Cats, there is little to say. None of them survived.

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    E-CAT35223 BattleTech Era Report 3145

    Обсуждение на библиотечном форуме:http://forums.cbtbooks.ru/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5089

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